Big expansion in the future!

Just putting word out that there is a large expansion in the works for Heart of Dixie, which will be a completely separate story where you play as a girl and get to meet and date 3 different guys. 

In the screenshot, you can see Narben, the Emo crunkcore musician who knows hes a pretty big deal, even though nobody buys his records.

In addition, we will be having Ashton Hunter, a femboy deer who loves being Country, but cant stand getting dirty. 

And finally Johnny Silva, the punk guinea pig who doesn't take crap from anyone and may actually be a psychopath. 

At the moment Im planning on each guy actually having their own storyline , and Narben's is almost complete. 

This large game expansion can be yours in the future for the low price of: Owning the base game Heart Of Dixie.  Thats right, gonna be entirely free, although I might raise the price of the game by a dollar or two. 

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